Amazon Author – Wow! I do love to write…..

Hi, and thanks for dropping by to find out a little about me; an Amazon Author at last!

I’ve only recently become a ‘proper’ author after years of procrastination, although my first book was originally conceived and distributed as an eBook in 2001. I write primarily non-fiction, business-type books (Success Made Simple), and I’m fascinated by the psychology of success. My main writing focus as an Amazon Author is on career development and coaching people to succeed in their job hunting or career change. My first Kindle book, “Interview Success Made Simple” was published on 22nd May 2016, and “CV and Resume Writing Success Made Simple” followed that Summer.

I had an enforced break from writing while I concentrated on work (a four-letter word for me, like most people) for the next year and a half. However, my next career-enhancing book as a published Amazon Author, “Cover Letter Success Made Simple” will be published this Summer. I’ll probably do a ‘free’ release on Amazon initially, so if you want to be notified when it becomes available, just ping me your details across through the form here…

CV/Resume Writer and Career Coach

I’m most well-known as a Career Coach and Résumé/CV Writer, and I’ve also practiced as an Accountant, Management Consultant and HR Professional ‘in a previous life’! I don’t really do much of these latter things now, except for friends. I’m currently the Managing Director of Top Pro CVs and Armed Forces CVs, UK enterprises that specialise in Résumé and CV Writing Services, Career Guidance and Interview Preparation. I became a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP), part of the Recruiting and Employment Confederation (REC), in 2010.

My clients are mainly drawn from the professions (accountants, lawyers, engineers, teachers etc), board-level directors, senior managers in industry, the public and private sectors, the Civil Service and, of course, the UK Armed Forces (the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force – RAF).

I’ve ‘hired and fired’ at all levels for over 20 years, and was previously Group Finance Director and Head of Human Resources of one of the biggest textile manufacturers in Europe, a group of 3 companies based in West Yorkshire.

Military Career

Prior to that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of a highly-successful 20-year career as a soldier and musician in the British Army. This culminated in a wonderful eight years as Regimental Bandmaster, in the rank of Warrant Officer First Class (WO1), during which I ran and led the Band of the Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire. I graduated from the world-renowned Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall in 1984, and then qualified as an Associate of the Royal College of Music (ARCM). Sadly it seems that my “Alma Mater”, Kneller Hall, is scheduled to be sold off and demolished by 2020. A travesty, promulgated by the government ‘bean counters’ no doubt….

A big part of a Bandmaster’s non-musical professional remit is planning and managing large-scale Events, which I’ve always loved. From organising, coordinating, delivering, compering and conducting huge concerts in some of the biggest civic and orchestral venues in the world, involving multiple performers, combinations, caterers, lighting and sound teams and other professional organisations, to creating open-air shows, corporate presentations, and military recruiting events. I have enjoyed doing it all, and believe I’ve acquired wide-ranging experience and expertise along the way.

Top Pro CVs has a very diverse range of occupations represented among its client base. Over the years they have included some interesting and colourful characters, including a TV and film cameraman who worked with Steven Spielberg on several movies. He listed his referees as the late Lord Richard Attenborough, Sir Michael Caine and Sir Sean Connery (yes; really – copy references are on file on their respective letterheads!).

More ‘regular’ occupations are also represented, with clients ranging from a Senior Manager working in the Office of The Deputy Prime Minister, to recent graduates in Law, Economics and Aeronautical Engineering, IT and Network Support Specialists, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Care and Voluntary Workers, Pub Landlords and Licensees.


Top Pro CVs’ website is at while Armed Forces CVs (specifically for military and ex-military clients) can be found at My CVs have helped more than 600 ex-military clients into their first civilian employment, an achievement of which I am immensely proud.

You can see more information and independent recommendations of my work by visiting my profile on LinkedIn. You are, of course, welcome to connect.

Down Time

None of us are ‘all work and no play’ and I can promise you I’m no exception.

When not actively working on and in the business, I read voraciously (mainly for self-improvement and continuous personal development), write music when I get some quiet periods (which seems like never these days), and still play trumpet; mainly jazz and big band stuff. I also enjoy getting out and about on my motorcycle (a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500), and spend as much time on or under water as I can. I’ve been a sub aqua diving instructor for over 30 years.